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tv   Action News Weekend 6AM  ABC  February 8, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EST

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>> good morning it's 6 a.m. on this sunday, february 8. sharee williams is joining us today. a warm-up, rain and wintry mix. meteorologist chris sauers is froming a roller coaster start to the week. >> "action news" was the only station to bring you this dog rescue in delaware. what lured the pooch into the frigid water. >> and first to money madness the powerball jackpot jumped overnight to $450 million. >> america's favorite jackpot game is coming to you rights now get ready everybody this is powerball. >> nobody think the big in last
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night's $395.4 million drawing. you may have seen it live on 6abc before "action news" at 11. if you missed number here's they are 5 10, 21 34 58, powerball 33. see the drawing every wednesday and saturday night during "action news" at 11 and again at least 450 million dollars on the line in the next drawing. no winners last nightch the streak continues. >> it's exciting and has a lot of people talking. it's a lot of money. >> absolutely i might actually buy tickets tonight. >> let's talk weather. we'll get you outside and show what you is going on. a wide variety of weather over the next 4 hours. today feels like spring. some areas top out mid to low 50s by tomorrow afternoon those same areas could deal with freezing rain and sleet. just a whole bunch of stuff going on in the short term. 33 in philadelphia, 34 trenton. allentown down to freezing mark of 3 2. reading 31. lancaster 30 and poconos showing
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3 4 it's a chilly morning and certainly not cold especially cared to the last several mornings where we had temperatures in single digits and teens. satellite and radar we're starting with cloud cover. boundary layer of the arktic front is sitting here running new york pa state line. this will actually collapse over the next 24 to 48 hours from that colder air works its way back into the delaware valley after a beautiful day today. here's what's on tap for sunday. 8:00 37, 10:00, 42. you see how quickly these numbers jump. 1:00 50. by 4:00, sitting at 50. mostly cloudy skies throughout the day. the sun sets at 5:28 this afternoon and then winter weather advisory goes into effect monday and monday night for areas you see shaded here in the light purple color that is for ice and accumulating snow. i'll talk more about that and timing for you and how it impacts commutes and snowfall amounts when i come back in ten minutes sharee.
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>> thanks, chris. for the latest forecast keep an ion stormtracker 6 radar on and there you find the hourly and 7-day forecast and latest call from our team of meteorologists right here on "action news". we have breaking news from the summerton section of philadelphia. police have taken one noon custody and are looking for two more in connection with an early morning home invasion. the action cam was on the scene unit block of brookshire terrace the masked gunman broke into an apartment on the street 2:30 this morning and the suspect stole jewelry and cell phones from the three men who live in that house. there's no word yet on whether any cash was taken. a witness told police that the man juneed into a car with colorado license plate and then sped off. that car was found a few blocks away with one man inside. that's the man who was nine custody. investigators say one of the victims recently bragged on
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facebook he just inherited expensive jewelry. >> also overnight a man shot and killed in his own narment trenton. police are now looking for the person who pulled the trigger. the victim was gunned down at the brookville commons in the island section of the city. police have not said if they have a motive in the case. >> and a developing story out of pittsburgh suburb. police are looking for a teenager that shot two men and women in a large shopping mall. the suspect opened fire 7:30 last night inside the macy's store in monroeville mall. panicked shoppers ran for cover. police locked down the mall as they searched for the gunman. they say the shooting was not random and the suspect knows one of the people he shot. >> we believe that one of those three people shot was a targeted individual. so it is random. we have evidence that leetdz to that. >> the two wounded men are in
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critical condition and woman stable. officers did not find the suspect in mall. police are being ing at surveillance video. >> 6:05 boston is digging out from back-to-back punching from old man winter and another storm eying the city. >> residents up there are struggling to fund a place for all the mraikz. reporter lamberti has more. >> it may not breathe fire but snowzilla concurs everything in its path. gas guzzling vintage jet engine is one of the more unusual pieces of equipment the ntsb keeps in tool shed this however working on tracks molden center is one of two on loan from new york city transit. >> it's designed to remove or melt snow and blow it away and that way we clear some of the snow so you have room for more snow. >> which is on its way more than a foot in and around boston.
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two weeks of snow ended up here where police clearly looked the other way. the only animals grazing on this farm are a snow cat and snow melter. >> there are columns of white snow raising from the white machine that can melt 350 tons of snow every hour. city streets still wear marks of two giant storms and here 30 foot high mountains are being cleared to make more room. >> i think what we have to deal with in new england they're doing a fairly decent job. >> that was reed lamberty from wccb in boston reporting. gma weekend will have more on that storm setting sights on new england yet again. >> arizona family of american woman held hostage by isis is meeting with fbi following the terrorist group claim died in recent air strike. parents of cayla muller released
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a statement saying they remain hopeful she's still alive. isis claims the 26-year-old was killed in an air strike carried out by jordan. she was taken in 2013 when leaving a hospital in syria. she is only known remaining u.s. hostage held by islamic state. >> 10:30 this morning it's this week with george stephanopoulos and how they will lead islamic militants. >> and rescue of a dog named lexi. firefighters coming to save the poovrp after falling into a chilly reservoir. annie mccormick brings you dramatic details. >> frantic 911 call dpraim this dog's owner saturday morning after she fell through the ice wilmington school reservoir. >> she was yelping and crying and frigid. >> she was trying to get herself out every time she would climb on the ice it would break away and she would slip back in and
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it was appearance she was not getting out on her own. >> enteren jane five and squad one water rescue team. only "action news" was there when the crews arrived. >> myself and ralph got suits on and nopd. >> rescue boat spooked her i jump out of the boat into the water and ran around and scooped her up. >> and into the homes of heroes after doggy paddling 20 minutes and dodging hope owe thermia. the water temperature was about 206789 they were shocked for as cold as the little dog may have been she was fighting to stay afloatch the 1-year-old golden doodle named lexi her owners katherine and allison sebts thus photo saturday night and towed us off camera she loves birds and that's what lured her to the ice she shivered over a half hour after dramatic rescue and is now warm and grateful. >> that's what we're here for. we make rescues and put out fires and save dogs and cats and pigeons, whatever it is.
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whatever it takes. >> rescueers are glad to see the pup and her family reunite. >> when he he came back with the vehicle he had warm blank totes wrap the dog with and had his two daughters like you said that made us good to see how happy they were that the dog was okay. >> annie mccormick "channel 6 action news." >> love that. legendary philadelphia basketball coach herb magee achieved a rare milestone. this weekend he won his 1,000th game all at small east falls school. >> big hugs for coach magee now in 48th season at philly u. only duke coach mike krzyzewski has reached 1,000 wins. magee was his low keyself after the win. >> i'll be honest with you the way i feel as i told all you folks it's relief.
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but all this going on and it finally happened. it didn't look good early. but it finally happened. >> hhm, coach magee graduated from philly u and turned done a job with celtics in 196p and quickly made philly u a respected d ii program. they'll have more on coach magee in a bit. >> more news you didn't see last night. next on "action news" sunday morning. >> begunmen targeted a man in a philadelphia takeout and they note the motive in this case. >> bruce jener walks away from a deadly accident would was following him and what he did there at the scene. >> on a lighter note it is your final chance to browse the hot wheels at the philadelphia auto show. hey, chris good morning. >> good morning sharee, coming up in weather high temperatures topping out mid to low 50s and down below freezing tomorrow morning. freezing rain will develop north and west of city.
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imported chicken's been in the news a lot lately. for chicken that hasn't crossed an ocean look for perdue. we're the first company to have the usda verify that our chickens are raised in the usa. to bring your family a fresh-tasting chicken. perdue. we believe in a better chicken. >> welcome back, sunday, sky6hd taking a look at philadelphia international airport. feels warmer out there than yesterday. we have a mixed bag coming up including messy morning commute right. >> not necessarily morning but evening. it's ice we're dealing with
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again. you rather it be snow. snow is easier to handle than ice. unfortunately it looks like the hand we're dealt here. dealing with ice as we get to tomorrow afternoon. in the meantime there's the view of ben franklin bridge nice and quiet out there this morning and milder with cloud cover overhead that helped to keep the temperatures up a bit. as a matter of fact reading showing 31. allentown 32. philadelphia 33. trenton 34. millville 3 2. dover and wildwood both closing in on 40. few degrees below that. 24 hour temperature change anywhere from 6 to is 4 milder than yesterday that time which was about 10 to 15 milder than we were the day before. we continue to moderate here over the last several days and is that the trend for this afternoon. with all this cloud cover keeping temperatures up this morning obviously we'll be higher by afternoon as a result here. unfortunately though there's an arktic front up here to the north and that puts an end to the party so to speak. drops south. temperatures drop with it.
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in comes this guy here it's an area of low pressure moisture moving in and all ingredients for bought of wintry weather that moves in after midnight tonight especially in the poconos and that collapses in the south during the day tomorrow. here's what it looks like today. cloudy skies. moisture well north and west. today is quiet today. then we get to monday, low drops further south. cold air drops south as well. for city point south and east looks like mainly rain. you get north and west of city and in comes the cold air and we flip the rain over to wintry mix and then eventually snow. here's the precip by tomorrow morning again rain for city and i-95 corridor and wintry mix of sleet and freezing rain north and west let's say upper bucks and montgomery county points north and west and snow further north in poconos you see how quickly it drops during the south today. monday afternoon it's snowing in the lehigh valley at least by evening in the lehigh valley and poconos with that wintry mix in the city points north and west.
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and rain south and east. ice tracker looks like this by 10:00 in the morning most of the area is quiet. far northwestern suburbs ice by then and you see how icing drops south and east during the day as the cold air starts working its way in. by the time we get into monday night and tuesday morning some of that ice flips over to a little light snow. snowfall totals not too impressive. again could be enough to create slick spots monday night to tuesday morning coating to inch montgomery and bucks and 1 to 2 lehigh valley and 2 to 4 poconos. it would be places like kutztown allentown easton could see 1 to 2" my tuesday morning and quakertown doylestown probably more a coating than inch. again that will be on to much ice that falls monday afternoon. so again we have little bought of wintry weather to deal with after a beautiful day today. look at highs. 55 millville.
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dover 56. philadelphia 50. wilmington 5. cape may 51. hard to math temperatures this mild. allentown 40. lots of clouds out there. gorgeous finish temperature-wise. your exclusive accuweather forecast 7 day forecast. 50 today in philadelphia. rain and wintery mix knowledge of city come monday. 38 degrees. temperatures falling through the day. tuesday clouds and sun 43 increasing clouds for wednesday 3. maybe snow showers thursday. that's with arctic front and friday bitter cold and high of 20. saturday we're up to 29. sarah. >> thank you philadelphia auto show comes to centerer city later today. he can check out the cool rides at the pennsylvania convention center. doors are open from 9 to 8 tonight. younger kids get in for free. 6abc is sponsor of auto show. and of course members of "action news" family love going there to
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>> heartbreak for a woman receiving news that her family was dead. the gunman wept open a rampage in dug alsoville georgia killing his ex-wife and several children before taking his own life. somewhere shot as they tried to runaway down the street. two people survived the carnage and motive has not been announced. >> a police dispatcher from
6:21 am
absecon new jersey is accused of hitting and killing a pedestrian and police say he was driving under the influence. al fan sdo sdik dickerson was walking in galloway township friday morning and police say he was struck by a car driven by 36-year-old are richard dougherty. dougherty was arrested and charged with dwi. >> people were injured in a four car crash in philadelphia olney section. they believe a drunk driver caused this one too. a driver was among injured in the wreck it happened 9:00 last night adam avenue crescentville road. everyone is expected to recover. >> now to the delaware newsroom a fire damaged two homes. firefighters were called to the 700 block of plum tree lane 3:45 yesterday and found flames shooting from second floor. one woman was treated for smoke inhalation. cause of the blaze continues
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. welcome back, 6:24. team turz milder than yesterday. today we top out 50. by 10:00 mostly cloudy 42. we're lord up to 47 by lunchtime looking like beautiful afternoon and bottom falls out as we goat monday. there's a frontal system sitting here. you can seat moisture ride ago long west to east this is cold front or arctic fronts and this continues to collapse to the south over the next twelve or 24 hours that cold air drivrts from the north and area of low pressure here riding from the front approaching west and moisture pulls in runs into the cold air and icing problems. mainly north and west of city
6:25 am
and it's going to be strange going from 50 degree plus weather today to icy conditions tomorrow afternoon. the rush hour impacts look like this. monday morning mainly for lehigh valley there could be slow area out there. maybe science icy patches. it's mainly monday evening and tuesday morning where we have icy patches and maybe snow covered back roadways. expect slow traveling conditions monday evening tuesday morning there could be delays out there as well. >> chris thank you. >> sports now the sixers win and flyers hit the road for a game today. here's jeff skversky. >> flyers face off with alexander owe very much kin and washington call tolls today in a crucial game. fly werz a crucial four-game road trip that starts today against caps. flyers calling these games must-win games for them to get back on playoff race.
6:26 am
>> we have four games here. we have to win all four. we have to make sure we go period. by period. and like i said we have to make sure we win one-on-one batslees. >> and sixers 0-10 coming into play without michael carter williams this season. not greatest sign with ncw out against charlotte last night because of big right tow. sixers falling behind by 6. hor yet back they come and defense starting all. nerlens noel with the block and 3rd quarter how about noel with the slam. sixers get within one. covington puts them ahead from tim frazier making a start for ncw. covington has five three pointers. they share the wealth to hol as thompson for three. 3rd quarter put it away. sixers win 89-81 fourth straight
6:27 am
win. >> if you thought halloween was big one herb magee is winning 1 thousand career game last night with 20 point win over post university in division two hall the famer the shot doctor won it all at this school over the last 48 seasons. >> when this season is over and i'm talking to some of the guys at coach's convention i'm sure i'll bust on frany dumbfy and phil martelli about having more whips than they do. for right now it's matter of release and we have racktis tomorrow morning. >> come on coach, he's wore questioned about practice this morning. what are we talking about. we're talking about practice the banner hanging in the ghim the
6:28 am
i'm jeff skversky have a good day. >> vine released a new app for kids. video sharing app features age appropriate content in the same six second format. videos feature cartoon creatures and children can swipe left to see new ones. everything is fillederd beforehand. the app is available for apple devices
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>> a gunman broke a window and stole three cell phones and they ended up outside on the sidewalk. so far police have one than custody. investigators say the suspect also stole jewelry from three men living in the apartment. one of the victims bragged on facebook he just inherited some expensive jewelry. >> also in the news you can still punch yourtic tote become instant millionaire. a short time ago we learned no one struck it nrich last night's powerball jackpot. >> striking it rich in the weather department. >> for one more day we'll strike it rich and then up fortunately it goes downhill.
6:31 am
penns landing a quiet morning along the delaware valley cloud cover out there and mild temperatures. especially compared to last couple days when we had numbers in the single digits and teens. we'll seernly take 33 you're seeing now in philadelphia. allentown 3 2. trenton 34. poconos 34. millville 32. and dover showing 32 degrees. look what happens. we're up to 50. if not a few warmer than that later this afternoon. look what happens by tomorrow morning. same time. you see numbers drop below freezing. again magic number here is 32. you go below that and rain freezes on contact with the ground. so we're well below freezing original and west. as we run through all day temperatures are not going anywhere as cold air works its way into the valley and plants itself right there. it sits rights over top delaware valley. in comes area of low pressure from west as temperatures drop and setup for an icy mess tomorrow afternoon. mainly rain for south jersey and delaware. the immediate northwestern suburbs will go over to the
6:32 am
freezing rain and sleet by afternoon this is 3:00 and snow breaking out for the lehigh valley and poconos. so we'll talk more about that in about ten minute or so. i know today is beautiful day. i don't want you to let your guard down. tomorrow could be tricky, 37 by 8:00 and by 10:00 4 and 1 49 high of 50 by 4bg. mostly cloudy skies and light gentle preez. when i come back in a few minutes i'll talk about icy conditions setting up for tomorrow sharee. >> chris thank you and wake up with the "action news" morning team matt tam, david karen. have you covered starting at 4:30 a.m. >> there were no winners in last night's 395 million powerball jackpot so powerball will be worth $450 million you can see the drawing on wednesday right before "action news" at 11 and if you missed last night's numbers here they are 5 10, 21 34 58, powerball 33. action cam caught people buying tickets for last night's
6:33 am
drawing. powerball has been almost a year ips since a california man won a $425 million i have good news and bad news pennsylvania had most powerball jackpot winners since db but the odd of winning 1 in 175 mill sglon still worth trying. >> okay. >> new this morning police delaware county are looking for two armed robbers who heldp a restaurant restaurant. "action news" was on the scene here at the china king restaurant on 50 block of east baltimore avenue in east lansdowne. police were called after two men armed with guns entered the restaurant around midnight. they robbed the place and even took a tip jar. no one was hurt during the robbery. >> in drexel hill an elderly woman was injured in a fire while trying to rescue her cats. it happened around 7:30 last night in 300 block of francis street. firefighters arrived toy find fire on the first floor. a man was able to escape without
6:34 am
injury but the woman suffered burns to her arms trying to rescue her two cats. the felines unfortunately did not make it. the woman is being treated at delaware county memorial sglopt former olympia an and reality star bruce jener walked away from deadly car crash in californiach the paparazzi witness today all and did not cause the tragedy. jener took no action to avoid cameras. "abc news" correspondent chuck seevrson has more on what they're saying. >> bruce jener seemed unhurt as he picked through the debris. >> are you okay, bruce. >> wreck aming of four automobiles scattered across the highway in malibu. a woman died in this white lexus heavily damaged front and rear. nearby a black humvee badly smashed smashed. >> one party was fate tallty. others involved were minor injuries. minors who were in win of the
6:35 am
vehicle were transported to santa monica hospital. >> jener was seen sitting in blacks late with crumb pled front end. jener was cooperative. >> i perform add a field sew bricy test he passed and voluntary offered to prove a blood sample to prove or disprove of intoxication. he did not appear intoxicatedty time sglil it comes at a sensitive time for the 65-year-old former athlete. at one time best known for gold metal at 1976 olympics. he gained notice for changing appearance growing hair longer and appearing in public with nails painted. he's not commented publicly on speculation he's preparing to live as a woman. jener's representatives say he's fine and has no comment about the accident. "abc news," new york. >> few fighters have gape the upper hand in wind driven
6:36 am
wildfire burning at the base of seattle mountains in california. 40 homes were destroyed by the plays. that burned through 11 square miles. dying wind and rain helped efforts to contain the child fire. it's 50% contained. and to urica california streets are dmroded in northern california because of coastal storm that came through over the weekend. a woman and family were in need of help after tree fell right on top of the mini van and bracing for more rain today with wind gusts up to 35 miles an hour. >> 6:36 now. sky6hd meteorologist chris sowers is back with the exclusive accuweather forecast >> i'm brian taff this building is not a hotel. but very likely is where pope francis will stay when in town
6:37 am
for world meeting of families. we're going behind closed doors at st. charles sem mary not just a possible papal residence but building filled with never then a 13-year-old girl became a youtube sensation. the message in her music is inspiring people like her and so many others ahead in "action
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>> reading at 31 wilmington 34 trenton showing 34 as as well. whipped chills not much of a wind chill out there this morning. it's a little blustery in places allentown feels like 26. that's chilly. certainly not bad in wilmington. wide woods feels like 36 with light breeze. satellite and radar there's arctic front running pa new york state line.
6:41 am
that is going to drift further south over the next 24 to 48 hours. that's long as it sits here to north we get southwesterly wind and warm and stns drops south wind shifts north and cold air works its way in and that's when we get problems throughout and that's really for monday. here's the system we're watching again front sitting sheer to the north. there's the moisture right. there by the time the moisture gets overhead the front will drop down to the south taken will push south ever philadelphia and meaning cold air snilz like tipped over bucket of water. and 3:30 this afternoon cloudy skies and peaks of sunshine not a bad day. warm temperatures. overnight tonight clouds low and thick and patchy drizzle breaking out after midnight and tomorrow morning looks all right. most ev moisture to the west. morning commute will probably be sdpeent. maybe freezing drizzle well west of city. let's say reading and allentown and the model is not showing it you can see this increases in coverage quickly by late
6:42 am
morning. by lunchtime monday freezing rain through a portion of the area maybe getting as far as south as philadelphia. snow breaking out in poconos. again cold air works further and further south as day wears on n the lehigh valley you flip over to snow before monday end and for philadelphia points north and west dealing with that freezing rain. snowfall totals doesn't look anything too terribly impressive for philadelphia european model showing 1.7 but all others showing less. for lehigh valley european 3.8 and every other model between 1 and 2. you put all the models together which is what you get. all in one map here. coating to inch lancaster to reading and norm of philadelphia to trenton and upper bucks and 34g counties and lehigh valley there could be 1 to 2" and poconos 2 to 4. snow mainly monday night. monday itself dealing with icing conditions out here.
6:43 am
monday night cold enough where we turn it over to have light snow. as far as ice is concerned this is during the day tomorrow seeing anywhere from 1 0 0th inch of ice to one tenth. that's a more significant accumulation. you see the 95 corridor as well and monday evening everybody north and west. morning commute looks okay. as the day wears ton gets colder and colder and icy patches out there. it's monday evening commute that will be a little diseasey. clouds and sun today mild, 50 the forecasted high and more clouds overnight tonight with patchy drizzle after midnight and rain towards dawn west of city north and west 35 for center city and the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast shows 38 for tomorrow's high coming off today's 50 and clouds and sun tuesday 43 increasing clouds wednesday 37 and then arctic front arrives thursday we're shooting for high of 35. there could be a passing snow shower or flurry awloping that front. during the day temperatures are
6:44 am
dropping all the way down into the teens by night. friday if lucky we're up to 20 for my and saturday 29. when you wake up valentine's day morning most areas in the single dij sglits cuddle up. >> cuddle up. >> dozens of youngsters had a chance to check out upcoming disney movie nk far land usa in manayunk. walter perez spoke to the crowd beforehand. their parents were invited to this screening. it is based on true story of poor latino teen from california rising to become a championship cross country team. disney is parent company of 6abc. >> more than a dozen cadets officially joined the wilmington fire department. the 38 recruit academy graduated chase center. they received badges yesterday in front of proud family and friends. country music star garth brooks is in pittsburgh this weekend
6:45 am
where performing in six tour show. more than 1,000 tickets were sold for shows over four days but it's not all abouting being on stapling and belting out popular tunes. he'll help kids through garth brooks camp. despite his popularity he says the camp is most important thing he'll do all weekend. >> what you do between chalk heinz is important and what you do outside of them makes you somebody you know worth looking up to. brooks's wife country singer trisha year hewood was on hand. kids got to learn the ropes from the pros such as quarterback ben roethlisberger pass
6:46 am
6:47 am
hd 8 ust released dashcam video shows a driver trapped inside open the side of the road.
6:48 am
they risked lives to pull the man through window of burning vehicle. he was treated and released from the hospitalch the two brave men that made the rescue were since honored with a met medal ofmer sglit so far no confirmation from the health department that a teenage boy in montgomery county rt asked measles. they have not said where the 15-year-old lives. montgomery county health officials say the teen is isolated at his home while his condition is evaluated. specimen have been sdlivrd to the state laboratory. they have encouraged anyone who has not had their child vaccinated shew do so. our brian taff has convenient toured behind the scenes of the place pope francis may stay while in philadelphia for world meeting of families in september. >> no tv cameras have been allowed where brian went and he got hands on rarely seen video to the stait st. place st. to the
6:49 am
stait st. place st. charles sem mary st. charles sem st. charles fairy. >> for those there the memory of the moment is unblemished. >> it was 1 a.m. october 3 1979 with pope john paul ii came to wynnewood. for this young man studying for priesthood at the time it con jers up deep he motion. >> to go behind the alter and pray. >> his name timothy senior bishop senior who as fate tore destiny runs the same seminary and is preparing for prospect of another papal visit. >> if that were to happen we would be working around the clock to get the place in shape. >> by all accounts it likely will happen. >> when popes travel they typically stay with local
6:50 am
archbishop in this case charles chaput who lives here on the second floor of this building. security concerns restrict filming of residence. these are the private steps he would use to get while we gont up we were granted television access of other parts of sprawling 75 acre, 650,000 square foot complex. >> in philadelphia we could use this sgliingt ryan calm and eric two eager about their impending encounter. >> we realize not many people get this opportunity. >> some 160 priests in training come to study here the library which houses tens of thousands of rare books and bibs dating to middle ages. >> and this is where they pray. cameras are not usually allowed in seminary daily mass when
6:51 am
students come together 4:00 each afternoon. it's solemn and stunning experience ♪ there's also the basics like a dining hall and gym for the seminary basketball league. few things stoke secure crosstie of those that visit this place as much as this never filmed before. this underground tunnel connects to seminary main buildings and was one longest in the country outside the pentagon and it made seminary answer to trivial pursuit question. beyond the unique sights and sounds that make this place soyn credible those who live hearsay it really is all about the experience. >> really the years spent here are so formative not only for things we learn without we become. >> rulely remarkable place. one more piece of trivia. three other popes visited the seminary before popes.
6:52 am
pie as xii and paul xvi and everyone looking forward tore pope francis arrival this year. we posted many pour more piingts on >> a rare look at a place that continues to make history. >> all eyes will be here in swhpt the pope comes. >> so exciting. >> we'll be right pass trading-in or selling your car, truck or suv? takes the hassle out of selling in just 3 easy steps.
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i'm the parent of a victim of sex trafficking. people need to know that even good kids from good neighborhoods are still vulnerable to this tricked environment where they're being taken off the street and put into bondage. pass >> a fierce competition make dreams come true. bowling took over the play drom devon lanes last night and benefits take a brinler
6:55 am
foundation for children with cystic few bro' sglis maternity unit at a hospital in nebraska is seeing double. nebraska medical center in omaha is caring for 7 sets of twins. it's a record for the hospital. all but one sets were actually born in roma ha and over 14 babies nine are boys and five girls . >> a dance marathon took over montgomery almost any north wales. these kids moved feet 8 a.m. to 8 fooem raise money for childhood cancer research and braved raised more than 2,000 and all for the four diamonds fund. it is modeled after the penn statethon which helps four diamond fund for pediatric cancer. >> people are buzzing about a 13-year-old girl from toronto. the videos are watched for her
6:56 am
singing and mess naj music. for madison it is deeply personal. ♪i give you all of me ♪ laying it all out there 13-year-old madison wants attorney know down syndrome does not define her. >> i always feel confy debit in myself a lot and times i sing i feel so confident in myself ♪ you have my head spinning ♪ so much so last summer she performed john legend all of me than video posted ob describe o my god this is crazy. it's viral. >> along with tune a running sciment highlighting obstacles that people with down syndrome face . >> obstacles that madison's vocal coach said she worked to overcome. >> the muscle is a lot weaker in people that have downs and that to be able to really keep that
6:57 am
voice up or to push that voice down or be able to you know move it around like that takes a lot more for mad. >> she did it and continues to do it madison's mom hopes her daughter's story will inspire others. >> one person can look at someone with down syndrome in a different way and anyone unique with special needs they look at that person and think show us that your uniqueness and what you have and madison did a good job. >> the video has more than 3 million views and counting. >> that is cool. >> the singing sensation is considering giving dancing a try. >> and something tells me she will be able toy conquer that. >> go mads, awesome very cool. >> there's another hour of "action news" straight ahead. >> powerball fever soaring overnight. wait until you hear the new jackpot sglaments and a concert full of love. valentine's treat with a touch of shakespeare coming to the
6:58 am
stage in philadelphia and what your facial experiences say about you. smile. we'll be right
6:59 am
good morning it's 7 a.m. a warm-up, rain and wintry mix.
7:00 am
meteorologist chris sowers is tracking roller coaster start to the workweek. >> and "action news" was the only station to bring you this dog rescue in delaware and annie mccormick tells you what lured the pooch into the frigid water. >> money madness i the powerball jackpot squumpied overnight to 450 million tlarz. >> america's favorite jackpot came coming you to right now get ready everybody this is powerball. >> nobody hit it big in last night's 394.5 million drawing and you may have seen it live here on 6abc before "action news" at 11. but if you missed numbers here they are 5 10, 21, 34, 58 and powerball 33. you can see the drawing every wednesday and saturday night during "action news" at 11. again at least $450 million on the line in next drawing and no winner last night and the streak continues. >> time to go outside to meteorologist chris sowers and the accuweather forecast, hi, chris. >> good morning


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